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Click THIS Fun Amygdala CLICK SONG :-)

Amygdala Locator: This drawing shows where the right amygdala is (follow the arrow). The left side of your brain also has one (other side, hidden here). Please note, the wrinkly cortex "gray matter" and glial cells "white matter" of the brain is not shown. These other structures are other parts of the brain's "limbic system" (the "mammal brain").

"Clicking" the amygdala, is a phrase coined by brain and behavior researcher T.D.A. Lingo that refers to either automatic (reactive non-deliberate) or conscious deliberate activation of amygdaloid body processes (by cortex influence).

When the amygdala's connections to the R-complex (or "reptile brain", Dr. Paul McLean) are activated, fight or flight and basic reactionary survival processes occur in brain/body. The slang for this is "clicking backward". It is primary and basic, and automatic.

When cortex and frontal lobes processes overcome the limitations of the reactive reptile brain, the slang is "clicking the amygdala forward". The brain rewards certain enhanced survival behaviors with pleasure, and this patterning of learned positive behavior involves the amygdala and its connections to the forward pre-frontal cortex. This can be done consciously and deliberately.

The brain's advanced electrochemical circuits are controlled with THOUGHT. To click your amygdala forward you don't need any machines, gadgets, pills, or signing up for expensive retreats or courses.

How to click your amygdala forward and eventually !POP! your frontal lobes? Just start by reading through this site.

1) First, read at The Library and The Brain Lab. There is LOTS of free and useful information at these places and elsewhere throughout the entire Amazing Brain website.

2) Brain Book Commercial:

When you are ready, The Frontal Lobes Supercharge is a portable, non-electric BOOK -very convenient, works anywhere. It will further CLARIFY all aspects of clicking into your frontal lobes. The book systematically removes- one by one- all the obstacles that society puts in your way. It will quickly remove all the unconscious habits that keep you clicked backward. Commercial over.


Clicking your amygdala forward is like wiggling your finger. Only it happens inside your brain instead of on the end of your arm. Do this: wiggle your right index finger.....easy, isn't it? Okay, wiggle your left big toe....easy too? Now, locate your amygdala (see chart above) click it forward using your frontal lobes- IMAGE that your amygdala is like a click toggle switch- Now click the switch forward towards your forehead. There! You did it.


*      *      *


you can control with Quicktime Play Arrow and move to any part.

About 40% into it, you will see the LIMBIC SYSTEM--- and the AMYGDALA is
shown as two golden nuggets in the SECOND inside layer below the cortex--
they look like two little upturned boxing gloves perhaps

Download here:
Brain FLY-BY
  Windows Media 1.9 MB

Brain FLY-BY Quicktime QuickTime video  1.7 MB

You may simply click on the link above, or RIGHT click and chose "Save Target"


*      *      *


Not sure you're doing it right? Read everything at the rest of this site for clues and you won't have any problem. You will learn how to click your amygdala forward and turn on genius levels of creativity, intelligence, pleasure, and even ESP in 1/10 the amount of time that students took to learn back in the early days of our brain research. After 40 total years of research and practical teaching to folks like you- we now know the shortcuts and what works best.

Note the very obvious olfactory bulbs (looks like squid tentacles) reaching back into the posterior amygdaloid area. These make for an easy, if temporary, click forward- see The Nose Knows.

NOTE: "Click Your Amygdala" written and performed by Eric Vincent, and played on T.D. Lingo's actual 1950's Vega Banjo. Illustration from "The Brain" by Richard Restak (excellent reference book).

Below: Diagrams of Amygdala Input and Output Connections in the Brain, courtesy of the University of Massachusetts Medical School.


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My Letter To Art Bell
by Neil Slade

February 25, 1998

Dear Art,

I've been enjoying your show, and glad to see you've recovered from that die-hard flu. I thought that perhaps you would like to resume our conversation on your show some time soon. Much has happened, and I have many rather astounding stories to share with you and your listeners. Many people have reported unusual, and very positive results from their beginning efforts at self-stimulating their amygdala brain site as I described on your show, and in the literature they have received from me.

Ruti Mor, a Denver college student, reports materialization/telekinesis of a $20 bill in clear view of a number of students one day on campus, immediately after "clicking" her amygdala into frontal lobes thinking one afternoon. She also reports an unexplainable telepathic/pre-cognitive awareness that occurred during the past month.

Near Denver is a remote mountain called Mt. Goliath, which has repeatedly been the scene of unexplainable phenomenon. Several persons who have gone there to meditate and click their amygdalas have reported a number of unusual experiences-

1) Sarah R. and myself both witnessed an unexplainable matrix grid pattern suspended in the sky above the mountain. This grid remained visible to both of us for several seconds, and seemed to be made up of luminescent wiggling spermatozoa-like objects criss-crossing each other in a geometrical pattern of repeating squares.

2) Broz R. and Fred P. were driving on the road up Mt. Goliath (highest paved road in the world) and passed a highly unexplainable character, a man walking on this road at 11,000 feet altitude wearing a Zoot suit and twirling a pocket watch in one hand! They turned the car around to talk to him, and he had instantaneously vanished into literally (at this altitude) thin air. The Cosmic Timekeeper? Shades of The White Rabbit!

3) Shirley K. and a companion from MUFON were clicked into their frontal lobes in the forest, and were both startled to see a bright white tube of light emerge out of nowhere from the top of the trees in front of them. No sound of aircraft of other vehicle was heard or could explain the phenomenon.

Once a person learns to activate his frontal lobes processes and moves beyond culturally conditioned reptilian brain mental processes all kinds of paranormal activities spontaneously begins to occur, such as mentioned above. This has been a consistant theme reported from persons who have learned the basics of amygdala self-stimulation. I have a great story about how I acquired a free set of JBL monitors after clicking my amygdala forward into telepathy and pre-cognition. (Told this story to the Art Bell Chat group here in Denver, and they all went "Ooooo!") In addition, folowing your show I have seen two UFO's, one in broad daylight above the nationally famous Cherry Creek Shopping Mall, while, of all things, listening to a radio discussion on UFOs on your Denver affiliate station.

Listener feedback mailed to me after your interview with me on December 9:
"Neil- I did the feather tickling while you were on air and ALL night I saw colors, dreams, warmth, etc- as you said!"

"Using your technique is truly making a profound difference in my life. Thank you!!!"- L. W., Parkville MO

"When I click I get pleasurable chills down to my feet, and I can remember dreams for the first time in my life. When are you going to be on the radio again?"- S.S., Seattle.

"I've been practicing meditation for several years - but I'll tell you, "clicking" is much faster than meditation and it can be done anywhere- good luck and god bless you."- John

"THANK YOU! I've found the Frontal Lobe handbook VERY interesting and informative....keep up the GOOD and POSITIVE work!" -P.H., Elko, NV

And of course, there is that matter of that remarkable and historic video cam still photo of you, and what appears to be a flash of brain energy emissions that precisely matches the descriptive flow of consciousness outlined in my book and in several research reports from the Brain Lab.

Finally, for those who are interested in the scientific basis for all this information on the amygdala, here are a couple of brief reports (What Is Clicking? & No Fear)from the scientific community. (go to preceding links).


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