On August 15 Eric Vincent and I performed for the national Global Science Conference in Denver, Colorado. I gave an hour long presentation on "Your Amazing Brain", which included many musical numbers (I have been a professional musician for most of my life). Before the performance, I did a little easy and natural FRONTAL LOBES TELEPATHIC COMMUNICATION with my now deceased (in body anyway) friend and teacher T.D. Lingo, speaking in spirit to him through physical to non-physical entity communication.... you know, talking to dead people. I said "Lingo, help me out tonight to give a good presentation." 

I felt him wink at me, "Go to it, man!"

Today I got this email:

"Dear Neil----am enjoying your work------I just happened to turn on the radio, which I rarely do, on a night drive, when the station has Art Bell and you-------when I heard about Mr. Lingo [did he pass on?] being on Groucho-----I saw rerun of that particular show in 1974 with Mr. Lingo talking about living off the land and giving back with music, and singing "It Takes a Worried Man to Sing a Worried Song"-----I always wondered who he was-------I know he was up to something good-----this stayed in my mind, until your show with Art Bell---------thank you for making this information more available."

Best Wishes, Roy Byrd

Okay, so what's the connection?

In case you don't know- T.D. Lingo ran the Dormant Brain Research and Development Laboratory from 1957-1993. (I knew and worked with Lingo for the last 11 years.) At the Global Sciences conference, I told the story of how Lingo raised the money to build his research facility by making money in show business singing folk songs. He got his big break on national TV, starting with the Groucho Marx show in 1956, the show Roy is referring to. I have seen little bits and pieces from this appearance, but never knew what song he played on that show, nor ever heard Lingo talk about the details.

For Global Science, I let Eric pick several of the songs to play-------and, out of the millions of songs out there, to end our show he picked......................

"It Takes A Worried Man."

Today, after I shared this story with Eric himself, he told me, to my further amazement, that "When you asked me what song I wanted to play, somewhere in my brain I thought of 'It Takes A Worried Man' as being a good choice, like some little voice just told me to play it. Before this concert, I had never played this song before in my life, I swear. I don't know where it came from or how I knew it- it just entered my brain from somewhere else." 


By the way, for our version Eric's lyrics go like this:

It takes a worried man to sing a worried song,
Click your AMYGDALA, and you won't be worried long!

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