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I constantly receive feedback from people who have made the effort to learn the brain basics presented here at the web site and in the books. This fundamental knowledge can go a long way in a society that essentially ignores "how my brain works". Eventually, people will begin to teach each other and it will be taught in first grade along with ABC and 2 + 2 = 4. This is YOUR Brain Revolution.

I didn't invent any of the information presented here, I've just attempted to present it in a manner that is fun and easy to understand and use. (Now I can get back to composing music....). The function of the amygdala, the triune brain, basic brain self-control- this all comes from dedicated scientists and researchers whom I merely stand on the shoulders of. Thanks goes to them.

The feedback I receive from people employing methods presented here vary from subtle results, to life changing. Just as we are all individuals, such is our application and result from "clicking forward". Generally, I would say that you get what you pay for, i.e. results=effort. But it is gratifying to know that often, just a simple shift can bring tremendous positive changes. Just after the last radio show (Dec.) this came, and I just wanted to pass it along.

"Dear Neil First of all, I'd like to thank you. In the past few years I've been in an emotional tailspin, and life had truly lost its flavor for me. I felt as if life held nothing for me, and these are scary concepts to have floating around your head when you are only twenty years of age. I was placed on a chemical called "Paxil". The drug had little effect (except to make me feel as if I was being chemically lobotimized). Ultimately, the problems that I was dealing with cost me my job, my girlfriend, and a few of my friendships. The first night I attempted the simple exercises that I stumbled upon while looking through your website all of that excess fear, depression, and pain became a thing of the past. I have patched friendships together (that I believed were irreparable). I have an interview tomorrow morning for a job that I never would have thought of myself as capable of doing previously. Now I'm not only confident that I'll get the job, I am more than confident that I will function in excess of the companies expectations. I thank you so much for the help I've received already just from browsing and studying the articles on your website, and I look forward to exploring my brain further. In gratitude, S.W. [name withheld to respect privacy]

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