Oct. 1999
Review and Recommendation

As much as this site tries to document all of the scientific background relating to the information here, and even with all of the never-ending positive feedback we get from psychology and medical professionals as well as "regular" people using the methods here- there are still a few out there who think this Brain Adventure is too far out.....hmmmm.   A Cure:

We present this month's review and recommendation by Haakon Rian, of Mensa International, with 100,000 members worldwide. To just get into this organization you have to take standardized tests that shows that various aspects of your intellect is in the genius range- a reasonably respectable and discriminating group of ladies and gents . (The term "genius", of course, is open to discussion and argument itself!) Anyway, needless to say, but I will, the most recent Mensa International Journal has seen fit to recommend the site and the books, and makes clear that there are distinct results from doing what is suggested here- i.e. clicking your amygdala forward. Thanks to Haakon R. for spending time with the books and site. The unedited article is reprinted below:


by Haakon Rian

You might think that "software" is something that you only use with a computer. I disagree. Without software for our brain, how boring would life be? Books, conversations, a beautiful sunset- all are things I consider software for the brain. After this introduction, I am sure you understand that I will not speak mainly of computer software in this month's column.

Have you ever heard of the amygdala? Those of you who have seen the latest Star Wars movie might think it is a princess- which is a bit off the mark. No, the amygdala is an almond-sized part of your brain, one in each hemisphere. According to Neil Slade, you can mentally stimulate the amygdala.

So what? I mentally stimulate parts of my brain 24 hours a day. (Ok, subtract a few hours when I vegetate in front of the TV.) So what is the big deal?

The big deal is that the amygdala acts like a switch between your reptile- and your forebrain. By clicking it backwards, your reptile brain is in charge, and your brain is charged for fight or flight, attack and defense. When you've clicked your amygdalae forward, however, you brain is primed for creativity, pleasure and intelligence.

I hear some of you mutter, "Phew! This smells like new age mumbo-jumbo combined with a bit of brain science just to make it sound serious".

I have Mr. Slade's books and his tapes, and have tried some of his techniques. Though I must admit to having had intensified neither multiple orgasms nor ESP-experiences [Haankon, just wait....-NS], I have noticed that something happens: A mood lift, a feeling that my brain is being lifted from muddy waters to crystal clear mountain water- definite changes.

Take a look for yourself! Go to and browse around. You can order books and tapes there- I especially recommend the Frontal Lobes Supercharge and Brain Magic ($15 including postage in the US)- but it is a very interesting web site even if you don't plan to buy, with lots of fascinating articles.


[Further, a very nice web site on Brain and Mind recommends this site and books this month: ASTROMIND, article reprinted below:]

Book Review:
"The Frontal Lobes Supercharge"

Research on the Frontal Lobes is one of the most exciting things happening in cognitive brain research these days. The frontal lobes are the brain's chief executive--they monitor activity, filter irrelevant information, make decisions, and initiate action.

The Frontal Lobes Supercharge brings a practical cognitive approach to this topic and teaches a specific method to activate the frontal lobes by "clicking" the Amygdala forward. The amygdala is an almond shaped brain tissue in the middle of your brain and when it is "clicked" forward it activates the higher mental functions in the frontal lobes such as creativity, higher intelligence, pleasure and free will.

Mr. Slade has written a book that is fun to read, direct, and positively motivating by using a combination of clear explanations, stories, anectdotes and exercises. Mr. Slades high energy and fun loving nature is plain in every page.

Visit Mr. Slades web site for more information at


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