Why Advanced Psychic Brain Powers Don't Work Negatively

Research Report, December 1997
Brain Music Institute
Neil Slade

Science Fact: Your "reptile" brain (see Dormant Brain Lab) is that area of your human brain that computes aggressive, counter attack behaviors, i.e. "I'm gonna get that person and make them pay!" This part of your brain is not able to access higher paranormal abilities which are computed entirely in another part of the human brain, the frontal lobes. Genetic intelligence has placed these advanced abilities under "cosmic lock and key" as it were. A safe deposit box. Cookies that are out of reach of a toddler on a high shelf. How? It is built into the system......

If a person were to use telepathy to cause harm to another, that same telepathy would insure the evil doer to empathically feel the other person's pain as well. Ouch!

If a person were to use pre-cognition to cause harm to another, that same pre-cognition would cause the evil doer to instantly see the future karmic repercussions of his actions against himself. Yikes! (Karmic Law has been around for a while, and I didn't make it up.)

If a person were to use telekinetic energy to harm another, Newton's law still works: every action has an opposite and equal reaction. The evil doer would get an instant good reactive kick in the pants or worse. Umph!

Not too many people would deliberately put their own fingers in the fire and hold them there.

The part of the human brain that computes self-centered, attack, harm, and kill actions is the reptile brain, the most basic and "dumbest" part of the brain (Your "Little" Mind). The part of the brain that computes intricate paranormal abilities is the advanced intelligence frontal lobes ( THE "Big" Mind). Paranormal abilities are highly complex skilled activities, like driving a car (but even more sophisticated). A person trying to control complex paranormal abilities with his self-centered dumb reptile brain is like a 5 year old kid trying to drive a five speed Ferrari. A little kid might accidentally be able to start the car, run over a couple of people, but by fifty yards he'll crash it into a fire hydrant and it'll be all over. He certainly couldn't go on a hundred mile trip down the interstate.

Only sensitive, socially super-conscious, "we're in this together" frontal lobe intelligence can utilize complex paranormal neurocircuits. These egoless, multi-person community neuro-circuits operate on multi-person multi-event energy, not from puny selfish self-centered single person energy. If you want to access The Big Super Conscious Mind, you have to think of everyone! Duh!

Its a big community pot! Are you gonna hog it all yourself! No way! Negative primitive voodoo works only if the victim believes in it and knows about it. Otherwise, it serves only to vent the practitioner's frustration. Insane Experiment: Make or get a voodoo doll, for someone you want to harm. Don't tell them. Stick pins in it. What happens to them? What happens to you? Please don't poke yourself in the eye.

Once a person clicks backwards into egotistical, selfish, or destructive reptile brain behaviors, he shuts off the forward flow of energy into the egoless community frontal lobes skills. When a person thinks "me me me" he blocks out the rest of the universe, where all the telepathic, future-telling information is to start with! Water and oil don't mix. You can't walk forward and backward at the same time. Pick one.

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