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This page contains adult topic and language.

Below, a couple of recent comments from persons who have learned brain self-control, and who utilize "amygdala clicking". In respect for privacy, I've chosen to use initials only. These completely original emails arrived totally unsolicited, and represent a part of my regularly arriving comments and feedback concerning the information provided by the web site and the various textbooks.

"Hey Neil,
Just wanted to Thank you so very much for showing me this technique. Never have thanked a guy for a terrific orgasm, but there's a first for everything. This Frontal Lobe popping is the best thing I ever felt in my entire life of 40yrs. All I can say is WOW!!
Thanks again, M. (9/24/01)"

"Dear Neil,
After only one week practicing the amygdala shift technique, I'm absolutely astonished. As a previous Tao system practitioner (Mantak Chia) and also an advanced martial artist, I could never expect such strong and obvious evidence in my own body. I was never able to control my own ejaculation more than 50% of times I have sex with my wife, after 12 years with Mantak's (hard to practice) techniques. During the last 4 days, the control has been a 100%. My wife cannot believe it, neither do I, we have been doing every possible sexual position for hours. We never stayed so long and so often in bed.
This phenomenon changes completely your life. Total shift forever. All other amygdala stuff is peanuts now, no matter the size and power of future changes. Now I've seen everything in this life. "Thank you" is too little. God bless you forever, Neil.
Dr. A.T.S. (9/13/01)"

There is a huge difference between recently discovered "whole brain sex" and all too common sex. When a person self-stimulates their anterior amygdala (brain site) through simple exercises, and turns on dormant frontal lobe neurocircuits, that person begins to automatically and spontaneously experience (during private intimacy of course) extended and intensified peak physical pleasure response and (multiple) sexual orgasms, females AND males With a partner or without, at any age.

The reason the brain provides this extra reward for those in the know is simple: Any activity that enhances individual or species survival is encouraged by built-in brain reward circuits. More long lasting pleasure is the result of advanced behaviors and thinking. Nature wants you to survive better- and so it automatically rewards frontal lobes behaviors with indisputable increased feel good sensations.

Sex that a person engages in, typically using 98% reptile brain non-thinking reaction and 2% frontal lobes intelligence is, shall we say, quite primitive. Chimpanzees, our closest genetic animal relative, sharing 99% of our human genes, have an average sexual experience lasting about three or four seconds. Humans, males in particular on the average, experience peak sexual fulfillment lasting for about ten to twenty seconds. Not a big difference considering how much work the average male goes to, money spent, and time pursuing this experience.

Women, certainly more frequently than their male counterparts, are occasionally known to experience "multiple orgasm" (peak sexual experience). This is a rather rare phenomenon however, given the entire population of potentially sexually active females in the population. Among human males, this multiple, or sustained "open ended" sexual experience is practically unheard of, and in general most humans are entirely unaware that it is even a possibility. Until now.

In the Far East, particularly among Taoist and yogic practitioners, the ability for an individual to extend or experience multiple peak sexual experience is not unheard of. Although among the civilian population, like in our present western culture, such information is not particularly common. But for those who look, there have been certain means such as Tantric Yoga and Taoist practices which teach individuals how to have more intense and prolonged sexual experience. These methods are generally seen as a means of raising one's spiritual awareness through control of the more basic body functions, like sex.

Only recently has any kind information regarding unheard of levels of human sexuality been available to everyone in western culture. In the mid 1960's, T.D.A. Lingo, director of the Dormant Brain Research and Development Laboratory began teaching an even more advanced and simple fact (we repeat in case you missed it the first time): When a person self-stimulates their anterior amygdala (brain site) through simple exercises, and turns on dormant frontal lobe neurocircuits, that person begins to automatically and spontaneously experience extended peak (multiple) sexual orgasms , females AND males. With a partner or without.

At the time, and for many years following, this claim was seen by most as wishful thinking, the deranged fantasy of a sex obsessed crazy person. In a 1975 hour long documentary film about the brain lab and it's history entitled Lingo, the brain scientist and behaviorist T.D.A. Lingo describes in detail the phenomenon of extended sexual experience, and the brain lab's shortcut method by which any person can achieve it. Further, in January of 1980, Lingo submitted his paper "Male Multiple Orgasm" for publication to the medical journal Archives of Sexual Behavior. Most importantly, Lingo was simply reporting the amazing experiences reported to him by brain lab subjects and students after they had participated in the regular program. In addition, Lingo had studied the ancient and traditional eastern texts and philosophy, and combined it with what he knew of modern neuroscience. His adult brain lab participants further tested his theories and techniques in their own private lives. Despite his remarkable findings, he was still slightly ahead of his time, and his claims were generally ignored by the stuffy academic world, and the prudish public. Although the sexual revolution had come and gone, the average American was still scared of what her/his brain was capable of.

In 1983, respected Stanford Medical Center sexual researcher Alan P. Brauer published his book on male and female multiple and extended sexual experience, and one method of achieving it. Lingo had been right all along.

The main difference between Brauer's techniques, and others such as Taoist physician Mantak Chia who has also written on this sexual phenomenon, and Lingo's earlier pioneering work, is that the brain lab found that individuals who learned simple brain self-control and amygdala self-stimulation experienced changes in sexual response as an effortless and natural byproduct of increased frontal lobes activity. The Taoist practices and the techniques one must learn and go through presented by others to raise their sexual experience are fairly complicated and require much practice, self-control, and high concentration. Lingo's brain lab findings show that multiple orgasm basically happens automatically, without much extra effort once an individual clicks forward into sufficient frontal lobes thinking and behaviors. It is an effortless and natural reward for evolutionarily advanced thinking.

Also, when one reads the reports on the physical characteristics of the phenomenon gathered from brain lab subjects, and compares this to the reports of Brauer, Chia, and others, one finds further major differences. The sex therapists seem to "put the cart before the horse", placing emphasis on physical gratification as a primary goal, mental and spiritual benefits a secondary consideration. In contrast, the brain lab subjects experienced intensified and quantum multiplied physical pleasure as just one part of a whole new package of properly tuned up/functioning Mind-Brain-Body. The sex therapists give their students a couple of fish. The brain lab subjects learned how to fish.

Lingo's reasoning behind this connection of frontal lobes thinking and limitless and increased sexual response is that that multiple orgasm functions as a "flushing out" of mental "waste by-product" that one acquires through increased creativity and intelligence that comes with more frontal lobes processes. In the similar way that muscle cells produce water and carbon dioxide as a byproduct of muscular work, and these byproducts must be discharged from the cells, into the bloodstream, out through the kidneys, Lingo contends that when a person's brain does advanced frontal lobes creative intelligence mental activities, neural/mental waste products are created and are then naturally discharged through the experience of orgasm which is a stress relieving, pleasurable mental purification/discharge. Although the chemical component was not known by Lingo, the connection was clear enough. When participants at the brain lab "clicked" forward and experienced increased frontal lobes CICIL (cooperation-imagination-creativity-intuition-logic) processes, they automatically increased the intensity and duration of peak sexual experience. One possible explanation may be that the centers of the brain (septal areas) involved in orgasmic/physical pleasure are adjacent to the amygdaloid regions and are stimulated by mere close proximity and shared neuropathways.

Lingo states that intensified and seemingly limitless pleasure response was incidental to and "a side effect to the primary goal of the program: self releasing the passive frontal lobes. The frontal lobes were found to be the locus of a peak experience which coincides with descriptions in the literature of the Eastern nirvana and Western born-again phenomenon. The multiple orgasm event occurred just prior to, and permanently after, achieving the frontal lobes experience. The time span for the sexual release subjectively was estimated from few minutes to two hours."

What seems most important about this increase of available peak sexual experience, and transcending the common and mundane level of sexual experience, is that it reflects more importantly the general state of affairs in typical life experience. If any person, through simple, easy to understand, and effective mental/brain exercises can extend and intensify the most fundamental and basic human physical/sexual experience, what does this signify as possible for the more civilized, cultural, and social endeavors of human kind in general?

-Neil Slade February 28, 1998

Note: The type of brain self-control and changes in thought and behavior that leads to results as outlined above are found throughout the various texts offered at this site, as well as throughout this web site itself. The changes in sexual response come from a HOLISTIC change in generalized brain function and efficiency. What may seem unrelated to physical pleasure responses- for example, better job, finances, problem solving, or creativity in other areas of life (as address in all of the texts), will have a very measurable effect on physical pleasure. When the entire human system is upgraded by better brain efficiency and use, all activities benefit significantly, perhaps most notably by basic physical pleasure response.

More information and specific instructions on turning on various general frontal lobes processes that lead to heightened sexual experience can be found in The Frontal Lobes Supercharge, and more specifically in The Self Transcendence Workbook. Please see The Brain Music & Book Store


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