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[This is the fourth lesson from Brain Magic by musician and teacher Neil Slade. The book is a one-a-day activity, step by step workbook designed to increase creativity, intelligence, pleasure, and promote access to paranormal abilities. ]

There are two amygdalae in your brain, one inside the left hemisphere of your brain and one inside the right hemisphere, about one inch inside from the temples midway between your eyes and ears. Point there with your fingers, now. Your brain is in fact divided exactly in half, into two separate although connected right and left halves called hemispheres. Each brain hemisphere gets its own amygdala switch which controls and gives accurate feedback as to how well and how well your brain is working.

These other structures shown here are other internal structures, the brain's "limbic system" (the "mammal brain"), of which the amygdala is part. Additionally, the amygdala is a gateway/switch that turns on the most advanced part of your brain: the frontal lobes.

A) Your brain is working poorly and "Life stinks!". Brain energy moves into your brain stem and the small primitive core of your brain- your "reptile brain".
B) Being clicked backward means you are only using a fraction of your potential brain power.
C)When your amygdala is clicked backwards you are primarily computing primitive reptile brain thoughts and behaviors: self-defense and counter attack; fight or flight; basic survival.
D) Being clicked backwards automatically results in negative emotions.

To get things working better (an understatement), and to turn on limitless amounts of creativity, intelligence, and pleasure, you need to click your amygdala forward and turn on "the other 90%" of your brain.

A) This opens the neuro-pathways in your brain to allow energy to effortlessly flow into the rest of your brain and your magnificent frontal lobes.
B) Your frontal lobes are the entire front 1/3 part of your brain. Hold your forehead. Everything under your entire hand is frontal lobes.
C) Your frontal lobes compute "CICIL": Cooperation-Imagination-Creativity-Intuition-Logic.
D) Clicking forward automatically results in positive "Life is FUN!" emotions. When you control your amygdala and click it forward into your frontal lobes, true Brain Magic happens.

MEMORIZE the paragraphs above. Test yourself by writing down the key ideas on a separate piece of paper- Backward, A, B, C, D; Forward, A, B, C, D.

The brain's advanced electrochemical circuits are controlled with THOUGHT. To click your amygdala forward you don't need any machines, gadgets, pills, nor do you need to sign up for expensive retreats or courses.

Clicking your amygdala forward is like wiggling your finger. Only it happens inside your brain instead of on the end of your arm. Do this: wiggle your right index finger. Easy, isn't it? Okay, wiggle your left big toe. Easy too? Now, locate your amygdala (see chart above). You click it forward using your frontal lobes- IMAGINE that your amygdala is like a click toggle switch- Now "click" the switch forward towards your forehead. There! You did it. It's a thought process that changes how you think, and how your brain works. Click it again. Smile!

Proper amygdala forward clicking is indicated by all kinds of indicators, primarily positive emotional feedback: You feel good, a good feeling that lasts. Other brain research studies dramatic and measurable increases in intelligence and creativity by mastering control of this key part of the brain.

A very helpful visualization is to imagine you have a feather, and that you are tickling the front part of each amygdala. Tickle the front part of your right amygdala and the front part of your left amygdala. Or left then right, or both together (it doesn't matter). Whoooosh! Ha ha ha! Click! That's it!

"Tickling" your amygdala (via abstract imagination) AUTOMATICALLY causes it to click forward, at least momentarily. This thought process will quickly and automatically begin to activate your frontal lobes connections turning on the most advanced part of your brain. Massive creativity, cooperative energy, intuition, logic will quickly follow provided you keep it up. Imaging an amygdala tickle is the fastest way that you can start clicking forward that we've found. It works from the very first minute you try.

Keep tickling until you get the desired results and long lasting positive emotional feedback. The effects are progressive and accumulative.

Clicking forward is VERY simple. That's why you use a feather and not a sledgehammer. It is as easy as clicking on a light switch. Click! Imagine your amygdala is a toggle click switch, and click it forward. Click! By clicking on your imagination, you instantly send electro-chemical brain energy to flow forward through your amygdala into your infinite potential frontal lobes. These simple IMAGES of tickling or clicking your amygdala forward turns the ignition key and starts the frontal lobes engine. It primes the pump. It's the match the lights the fireworks fuse.

Most people feel a slight sensation when they first click: a tingling in the forehead; a giggly light feeling; a cessation of internal noise; an automatic smile. A few see lights and hear sounds. Some feel a wave of euphoria. Others sense sudden calm. (See Feedback page ) First time clicking in a quiet secluded environment helps. Eventually it can be done anywhere, anytime, any place.

Because this is a simple process, don't be mislead into thinking it isn't powerful and that it won't help bring you the big results you're looking for. You start the most powerful automobile or jet airplane engines with the click of a single "on" switch- And it only takes a simple click to get your brain started running at its' most efficient level.


  • Clicking your amygdala forward begins Cooperative intelligence.
  • Clicking your amygdala forward jump starts your Imagination.
  • Clicking your amygdala forward begins new Creative thinking.
  • Clicking your amygdala forward connects you to higher Intuition.
  • Clicking your amygdala forward adds on common sense and Logic.

All you have to do is click forward to access these natural advanced frontal lobes skills and watch them begin to grow. Cooperation means working together. Imagination means spontaneous unrestricted thought. Creativity means finding a new way. Intuition means knowing deep down inside. Logic means seeing how the pieces link together. (I think you've probably got the idea now.) Once you've gained basic control of your amygdala click switch, your CICIL skills grow and expand. You call upon an infinite variety of abilities your brain creates to achieve your life goals and purpose.

You have a daily choice: Do you want to keep clicking backward into primitive and miserable reptile self-defense/counterattack thoughts and behaviors, or do you want to control your own amygdala, and click forward into wonderful and effortless frontal lobes advanced whole Brain Magic?

What shall it be?

The concepts here are a summarization of exceedingly complex workings of the human brain. However, by understanding these few basic ideas, you gain superior PRACTICAL perspective and control over your brain. Voila!! Congratulations!


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