I want you to think of the best time you have ever had in your life........Got it?

Now, multiply that experience, that feeling, times ten. Multiply it times a hundred, or a thousand. Or ten thousand. Or even more.

You can turn on increased creativity, intelligence, pleasure, even ESP and other paranormal abilities as easily as clicking on a light switch. You can have "the best day of your life" over and over, each time better than the last. You may even be able to move clouds and change the weather using the incredible power of your own human infinity machine- your brain.

That is exactly what you will experience- no exaggeration in the least- when you learn how to self-stimulate a part of your brain know as the amygdala. This is not wishful thinking or new-age hocus-pocus. This is what the latest brain and behavior research is now showing us is possible........for anyone. The method for amygdala self-stimulation is easy, and has been learned by persons ages 6 to 86. The basic method can be learned and taught by anyone, for free. It is democratic in the extreme. You are getting started by reading this article. Results are often immediate, and are accumulative- it gets better the more you do it. Unlike stage magic, this is no illusion. This is real brain magic.