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        HAVE FUN!       
 Anti-Rules For Life, Learning, and Everything!


Want to turn on the other 90% of your brain? Click on your infinite frontal lobes circuits? Want to access greater intelligence, creativity, pleasure? Want to turn on your telepathy, pre-cognition? Here is one way to approach it- through your RIGHT BRAIN....... No complicated brain physiology to learn- just the basic principals that show you what you do to stay in your Frontal Lobes. 

HAVE FUN! is a large format  90 page B&W ILLUSTRATED book which sums up everything I've learned (now in 2004) in   30 years of brain exploration and teaching. I share this with you in PLAIN EVERYDAY LANGUAGE, perfect for parents, teachers, and even KIDS. 

This book is about the basic anti-rules of FRONTAL LOBES learning and doing. 

I learned these principals as a result of 11 years assisting brain and behaviorist T.D. Lingo , and teaching over 25,000 individual music lessons and classes in the past 30 years. These guidelines are not subject specific, but are guiding principals which govern all kinds of activity, learning situations, or anything else.

By reading and periodically looking at the key principals presented here you will avoid the pitfalls of boredom, slow learning, and frustration, and effortlessly glide into 

Full Potential Brain Power

"HAVE FUN!" is a set of 35 ANTI-RULES. Rather than have you strapped down by even more stuff to cram into your brain, this book helps you eliminate the extra junk most teachers would have you erroneously believe you must drag around with you. "HAVE FUN" makes your life incredibly SIMPLER and EASIER.

Lori writes:
"THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!

   I have just spent the last 3 hours doing AMAZING WORK!!! It's the best I've done EVER!!! My Dad came out and I jumped up giggling and grinning from ear to ear and showed him my story board and the characters I made up while he was sleeping. At first glance before he even knew what the story was he said, "Whoa!! Something has supercharged your creativity 1400%! What is it??!!" Then I held up your "Have Fun!" book! heehehehe!! He WASN'T surprised. AHAHAAH!

   Oh this is wonderful!!!!!!!! I've been laughing the whole time I work!!! This is a funny skit, if I do say so myself!!! LOL!! And it passed the funny test when it made my Dad laugh too! :o) LIFE IS GOOOOOOOOOOOOOD!! Now my Dad turned on the radio real loud because he says that was a good way to wake up and he wants to party!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Doing, learning and teaching can occur at the common level which includes an abundance of negative experiences and brain burnout. However, doing, learning, and teaching can occur at an uncommon level at which it becomes a mostly pleasant, rapid, and efficient ADVENTURE. That is what this book is all about! Enjoy your adventure! 

For further instructions on "Clicking Your Amygdala" and "How Your Brain works" basic  manuals please go here: Frontal Lobes Handbook and Brain Magic Workbook

For quick shortcut "how to" learning and doing - get HAVE FUN!

SUMMER FUN SPECIAL for Grown Ups and All Age Kids

Big Illustrated PRINTED BOOK that you can actually color in like a COLORING BOOK as well as WOWIE ZOWIE READ to SUPERCHARGE your CREATIVE LEARNING BRAIN~!

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