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Art Bell's Web Cam Weird Photo Is...



December 1997: Nationally known radio talk show host Art Bell's in house video camera captured a picture of some unexplainable light image around the front and top portion of his head while doing his program (for more, go here: Art Bell Page.  colored version of the same photo to highlight the unusual light image. ART HAS ABSOLUTELY NO GRAY HAIR GROWING ANYWHERE ON HIS HEAD.



A colored version of the same photo to highlight the unusual light image. ART HAS ABSOLUTELY NO GRAY HAIR GROWING ANYWHERE ON HIS HEAD.


Third photo has the light image isolated from the regular photo image . I have a very good explanation, and I've heard many theories on this photo, but people see what they want to see. Quantum Theory has shown that what IS OBSERVED cannot be separated from THE OBSERVER. Five blind guys checking out an elephant, one guy feels the tail and says "An elepahant is like a snake!" A guy feeling a leg says "No! An elephant is like a tree trunk!" Another guy feeling the body says "You're both wrong, an elephant is like a wall, the side of a house!" Cave man seeing a lightning storm said it was "the wrath of God!" Today we say it's just nature's electricity. 


NEUROSCIENCE VIEW: It is a photo of Art's Frontal Lobes lighting up momentarily, an unusually strong electromagnetic burst of energy caught on video camera, which can record this type of thing. It could also be a very brief flash of visible light emitted from his frontal lobe area, too fast for the human eye, but not for the camera. The spikes, which can be easily seen pointing down in the enhanced image, show the electrical energy typically being grounded, like any other form of lightning. Not only this, but you can actually see the location of the AMYGDALA gate switch (small nut shaped bulbous area), lower right hand corner, where the electro-chemical energy comes up into the advanced brain from the lower/inner reptile brain.

Newton showed us every action has an opposite reaction. The topic was negative energy, fear, and Satan, computed by Art's reptile brain of course. This caused a momentary burst of counter energy, protective mental brain activity in the frontal lobes- a mental version of putting your hands up to protect yourself from physical harm- you think of Satan, you counter with thoughts of something positive, naturally protecting yourself.

Mystics will tell you that the "third eye" in the forehead sees "God" or percieves "cosmic consciousness". The picture clearly shows exactly what portion of the head contains the frontal lobes, it is the ONLY portion lit up. The Frontal Lobes is that part of the brain that computes this "cosmic consciousness", the historic Nirvana, satori, samadhi, "born again", "EUREKA!" etc. etc., transcendence experience. We plainly see here the brain reaching outside itself connecting with universe right out through the third-eye forehead area, with the tube of light/thought energy. Please see the predictive drawing of this pathway of neural energy, from the 1989 printed text of The Frontal Lobes Handbook -Scroll down to second drawing on the page- Brain Energy Pathway. This neuro consciousness pathway is confirmed and documented by the historic photograph above, 9 years later.)

As it turns out, I timed the conversation Art had with Harlot when he replayed it the next day. At that moment, she, as a matter of fact wasn't speaking of Satan at all, but referring to "God". At the EXACT moment the photo was taken, she said "his (God's) essence".

The lady who said "Art, this is a picture of your guardian angel" was right on the money. Your Frontal Lobe's creative, intelligence, telepathic, cosmic consciousness circuits are the best protection you've got. (Even if you're an atheist.)


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